Caral culture ✅

Caral culture ✅

Caral culture. Long before the Inca dominion. The Andean world knew a less extensive but equally effective imperial organization. The Caral culture. Thus, in a hostile wilderness germinated the Matrix Civilization of America. Simultaneously with the first in the world.
The Caral culture was formed by several regions of the central area of Peru. With settlements between the valleys of the Supe River and the Pacific Ocean. These communities reached a productive level that allowed them to organize socioeconomically. Facilitating construction of buildings and a commercial network.

The American parent people and their relevant legacy

General aspects of the culture caral

The origin of the Caral culture goes back to the year 2900 A.D. and being part of the pre-ceramic period. This civilization developed knowledge that applied in agricultural techniques. To build irrigation canals and fields in terraces. They also stood out in the genetic manipulation of some plants. achieving improved seeds. They mainly cultivated cotton. That allowed them to get fibers to produce a lot of products destined for trade. Apart from its use in the manufacture of nets for fishing. Which also contributed to the economic sustainability. Another area was the diverse manufacturing activity of utensils. Necklaces and textiles. In this way, the merchandise product of these labors. It served a big commercial exchange with other villages.

Sociopolitically the culture caral. Cemented their organization on the basis of religion, as their rulers were priests. There are a number of administrative centers. Governed by the Curacas and led by a centralist government under a solid system. Each settlement or Pachaca was composed of family groups. who worked the same portion of land. In this sense, the majority dedicated to the production, received the conduction of the Curacas. Based on their knowledge.

Caral Culture, a parent village

The sacred city of the culture Caral

Located in the district of Supe, Caral is one of the oldest cities in the world. Along with those of other civilizations like Mesopotamia. Egypt, India and China. This sacred city of Caral culture. It was distinguished by its various constructions located on a terrace that protected them from possible natural disasters. They were made with stones and wood from dead trees. Avoiding the deforestation of the environment.

Covering an area of 626 hectares and 5000 years old. It contains at least seven large pyramidal structures. Accompanied by squares, amphitheaters, residences and an irrigation system. It was divided into high caral and low caral. To differentiate clearly the areas destined for the state and the religion. Among the main constructions are the pyramid of the amphitheatre. The greater pyramid and the Altar of sacred fire. During the 2009. The City of Culture Caral was declared a Cultural patrimony of humanity by UNESCO.

Caral Culture, a parent village

Manifestations of the culture caral

Among the most important expressions of the Caral culture are the following:

Due to their abundant cotton plantations they came to make dresses, footwear. Fishing nets, cords, in which they used the technique of interlacing and bone needles. In addition, dyed the cotton in different colours such as cream, beige, brown or brownish.

The statuettes of human representations with anthropomorphic aspects and religious or political symbology were distinguished. Usually made in uncooked clay. They were between four and ten centimeters high. Differing various styles especially for dress and hairstyles. That reflected the social structure of the caral culture.

They applied it in the elaboration of annual, long or medium-term calendars. Related to religious ceremonies and economic activities. In the same way. The culture Caral employed the astronomy for the location of its constructions.

Accounting system.
They used an instrument called Quipu. Which consisted of a main rope to which were tied a set of threads with knots of different colors. It was used to perform accounting or statistical operations. Manifestations of the Culture Caral accounting system

One kilometer from the sacred city of the Caral culture. On a dune, one finds the Geoglifo of Chupacigarro. Being a great drawing of the outline of a face. With a closed eye, open mouth and wavy hair.

If there is something particular of the culture Caral. Is that he left no evidence of weapons, but if a legacy of a harmonious society, with many concepts. Who later managed other civilizations.

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